ResNet Terms And Conditions

This document details the specific conditions pertaining to the use of the Student Residences Network (ResNet), as referred to in the 'Computer User Agreement', which forms part of the Rules of the University.


  • Computer
    a device that connects to the network; for example a laptop, personal computer, games console, or set top box

  • The Network
    the designated ResNet connection provided in your room
  1. ResNet Description of Service

    1. The Residences Network (ResNet) service provides computer network connections in Lancaster University student residences and other agreed locations.
    2. This service is provided to allow access to resources on campus provided by ISS and other University IT services such as printing, central filestore, University email, teaching, learning and research resources and the wider Internet.
    3. Where necessary, ISS reserves the right to prevent access to resources for security, fair usage and technical reasons.
    4. The University is not responsible for the maintenance of any privately owned computers connected to the network, although reasonable assistance will be made available to configure computers initially, subject to the ResNet Conditions of Service.
    5. ISS will communicate with you via your University e-mail address and provide service status messages via ISS Message of the Day. ISS reserves the right not to answer support queries that are sent from a non-University e-mail address.
  2. ResNet Conditions of Service

    1. You must comply with the ResNet Acceptable Usage Regulations which will be strictly enforced.
    2. ResNet Acceptable Use Regulations

      1. You must comply with the Lancaster University Rules, in particular the Computer User Agreement (
      2. You must configure your computer to obtain a network (IP) address automatically.
      3. In the interests of maintaining network reliability, only one computer should be connected to your network connection at any one time. The use of hubs, switches and routers is not permitted, except in circumstances where ISS has provided such equipment as part of a specific service.
      4. You must not connect any form of wireless access point to ResNet, nor configure any computer with wireless capability in such a way that ResNet may be accessed wirelessly, either by you or anyone else.
      5. You must have up-to-date Anti-Virus software installed on your computer at all times.
      6. You must apply the latest security-related patches and updates to your computer.
      7. You must follow advice, which may from time to time be issued by ISS, to install certain security-related patches or upgrades.
    3. You must comply with the ResNet Fair Usage Regulations which will be strictly enforced.
    4. ResNet Fair Usage Regulations

      1. These regulations are designed to ensure a fair amount of bandwidth is available for all users of ResNet and that no one is able to consume more than their fair share.
      2. ISS will provide a reasonable amount of bandwidth per month to each user of ResNet comparable to the limits imposed by many Internet Service Providers. Details of the current allowance can be found at
      3. Using excess bandwidth has significant negative impact on other users of ResNet. To make the service fair for everyone, excess bandwidth usage will lead to an automatically imposed per-user limit on offsite bandwidth (this will not affect normal web browsing or connections to other Lancaster University services).
      4. Repeated contravention of these regulations may result in escalation of sanctions.
    5. ISS will provide information for connecting computers running commonly used operating systems, primarily recent versions of Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X. You may use other operating systems, however ISS regrets that support for these may be limited.
    6. ISS will make reasonable endeavours to assist with the configuration of computers whose operating systems are not configured to use English.
    7. Computers can use a wide variety of network hardware, therefore ISS gives no guarantee that all computers can be connected to the network.
    8. Computers suspected of being infected with a virus, or at risk from being infected with a virus, may be disconnected from the network to protect your, and other users, data.
    9. Where a computer has been disconnected from the network ISS reserves the right to verify that the computer no longer poses a risk, by means of inspection, before the connection is restored.
    10. Problems with software that are not required for academic purposes may not be investigated, for example gaming applications.
    11. The service may be unavailable for brief periods to allow network maintenance to be carried out. ISS aims to give 7 days notice to users who will be affected.
    12. In the event of equipment failure interrupting service, ISS will endeavour to rectify the problem as soon as possible. There may be a longer delay in restoring service out of hours.
    13. The University reserves the right to suspend access to ResNet in cases of contravention of any of Lancaster University Rules, whether or not ResNet was used to perform such action.
    14. The service is used on the understanding that the University will not accept any liability whatsoever for loss, damage, or expense which may result from the user of the Service, except to the extent that such loss, damage, injury or expense are attributed to negligence or breach of statutory duty on the part of the University or any of its servants or agents acting in their capacity as such.